Types of Support
Application Procedures
Program Guidelines



(Y=Yes, M=Maybe, N=Never)

Capital: Building Y    
Capital Equipment Y    
Endowments   M  
Challenge/Matching Grants From Others Y    
Emergency Funds     N
Grants to Individuals     N
Match Employee Giving     N
Multi-Year Funding   M  
Operating Funds   M  
Program Related Inves. (PRIs) / Loans     N
Land Acquisition Y    
Renewable Funding   M  
Publications   M  
Videos/Films   M  
Web Sites   M  
Fundraising Efforts*     N
New Projects Y    
Start Up Funds   M  
Technical Assistance   M  
In-Kind Services     N
Volunteer / Loaned Executive     N
Social Enterprise Development   M  
Renovation Y    
Conferences/Seminars   M  
Fellowships / Chairs   M  
Internships     N
Research Y    
Scholarships   M  

*development campaigns, fundraising events, sponsorship, etc.